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  Vaastu In East Facing Triplex House Design


An East Facing Triplex House Plans is ideal for all kind of constructions, no matter if a house or a business organization. However, due good care must be taken while determining the development of the decorations, i.e. bedrooms and position of furnishings etc. These guidelines differ with kind of business and with establishments close by. The description of all these regulations is as under:

The main entry gate to the East Facing Triplex House must in the northern half of the front side. It delivers peace and prosperity to the inmates. The entrance in design should not be in arc shape i.e. greater in the middle in comparing to the ends/sides.

North - East of the triplex House must be the reduced in construction in comparing to the south-west. This rule is applicable to the ground levels and also the top roof/terrace levels of the house.

Boundary Wall:
The front side wall for an East Facing triplex House must be less than the back wall. The eastern wall for an east facing house could be designed at the end of the development, i.e. after developing the house. The boundary walls in the south-west section must be broader than walls in the north-east.

Water Storage/Sump:
Never build the water storage container in the back/rear part of the house. It is usually in the front side of the house, often in the eastern part or the northern, but not in the middle section in the front/eastern wall of the home.

The main bedroom must be designed in the south-west of the home, i.e. in the back part of the house. One should never sleep with head towards the north as this may outcome in sleeplessness. And the beds must not be positioned in the core of the room, and a space of a few inches should be provided while putting the bed. Kid's bedroom must be in the west part of the house. And a guest room can be designed in the north-west of your house.

Bathrooms are usually designed in the south-east or south-west section of the home and never in the north-east. So, the bathing room must be designed in the back side of the house and not at the front, in situation of a NE Facing triplex House.

The major door to the home is usually in the north-east or mid-east section of the house. However, the major door should not be in the south-east of the home. No doors should open up in the southern region of the house, on the other hand, doors in the west way could be provided for a garden etc.

Balconies must be in the north-east of the residence and never in the south-west, as the sunlight of the morning are effective. If any verandahs are designed in the south-west section of the house, relatively larger verandahs must be provided in the north-east direction.

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