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  Vastu In West Facing Duplex House Design

To figure out whether your building is on a West facing plot, it is much better to refer a good compass and figure out the exact degrees. Or you can decide the rays of Sun and the shadow of close by buildings in the evening time when the Sun places in the west. The Sun light will fall on the entrance part of your building if you enter it in the evening hours if it is West facing plot.

These are generally the main Vaastu points to be kept in mind before developing a house in a west facing plot. The good results of Vaastu can be used only if the building is constructed as per Vaastu guidelines. If the major problems are done in the structure undue delay in the construction may be visible and affect the process. This is the sign that plan is not Vaastu complaint.

  • The car portico, lawn, septic tank and water sump cannot be constructed on south-west part.
  • The north-east area of the house should not extend beyond south east area.
  • The main door must be situated in the south (Positive) or south of south east area.
  • Any kind of construction like safety room, E.B room, garage Etc... Shall not be constructed on the north east corner of the plot.
  • Portico, Car parking should not be designed extending the north-east area of the house.
  • If waste water, rain water and water drainage are passed out from your north-east direction, the kids will prosper in studies and career.
  • Master bedroom and over-head tank should be in the south west corner- usually people compromise on this for designing the elevation style.
  • The kitchen is usually built in the north-west part or in the south east corner.
  • Constructing a workplace or shop in the south-west area improves financial situation of the owner but should not be rented out.
  • Big trees and shrubs or heavy plant not to be stored in the north-east corner of the plot.

Vaastu Effects of West Facing Duplex House Design:

Usually the West facing houses are not most wanted after for buy like the east facing ones. Because of the fact that a lot of people living in the West facing homes are not effective and wealthy compared to. This is just a myth and not true practically noticed by research. If any properties are designed following the Vaastu guidelines this plot advantages the owner.

If the plot is effectively designed with Vaastu guidelines building design with discussion of an Expert this west facing buildings, apartments and offices also are excellent. Most of the popular Industries and Show rooms are successful in the west side streets.

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