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  Vastu in North Facing Duplex House Design

An attractive home all of a sudden becomes unsuitable to live - in because concepts of Vaastu are not used to its design. Why so much significance is provided to this ancient science in this modern world of technological knowhow. Most people think how superstitious are even some very literate person are to just vaguely follow a so known as Vaastu expert & modify the entire scenario of their living.

Vaastu for Kitchen:

Based on Vaastu Shastra the lord of ‘Agni’ dominates in south-east way. So preferably the kitchen must be situated in south-east of the home. The next best choice is north-west portion of the home. The stove must be positioned in south-east way of the kitchen so which the make may face east direction while cooking.

Vaastu for Bathrooms & Toilet:

Toilets and bathrooms are an important section of the house. It is a private place where one takes shower, uses the washbasin for several requirements. Bathrooms designed in incorrect directions of the house causes problems and severe problems connected with health and finance. Still, a lot of people are totally unaware of the rules of the constructing a bathroom that control this specific space. In accordance with Vaastu Shastra, the bathroom way, fittings, shades of the walls should all be obtained into consideration while making a bathing room. Now-a-days, people generally live in flats or small houses. Due to deficiency of space bathroom and toilets are merged in one room to accommodate other areas of the home.

Vaastu for Pooja or Prayer room:

The establishment of Pooja room must be done at the ground floor in the northeast, north or east directions of the home. The dome or roof top of it should be developed in the design of pyramid.

Vaastu for Kids Room:

Kid's rooms are usually in the west, north or east of the constructing. A west part bed room is very best for Kids. An eastern bed room can even be used for unmarried kids or visitors; but a room east is suggested for a newly-wed couple. The bed furniture in the Kid's room could be in the southwest portion with leads in the east or south direction.

Vaastu for master Bedroom:

Preferably master bedroom must be situated in southern part of the house and all the other bedrooms must be located either towards the Eastern or North of master bedroom. Master bedroom may be situated in south-west of the home. This room needs to be used by the head of the family members and oldest son of the family.

Vaastu for Guest Bedroom:

  • Proper location and orientation of the guest Room Direction of Entrance
  • Direction & placement of TV, audio systems and other electronic items
  • Direction & placement of windows
  • Direction & placement of almirah
  • Direction & placement of telephone
  • Direction & placement of bed
  • color scheme

Vaastu for Staircase location:

The staircase must not be in the central square of the building. No room needs to be built within the staircase. This place can however be applied for storage. The staircase must always turn in the clockwise direction.

Vaastu for Store Location:

Store Location must be made in the North West or South west part of the house. It is very effective if grains and other conditions are stored in the North West store. All weighty things may be placed in the South west of the storeroom. Waste may be collected in the Southern area part of the house.

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