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  Vastu in East Facing Duplex House Design

The Homes that have a street in the eastern side are known as East facing Homes. When you can see the road in the east side from within your home then your home is an east facing one. It is much better to read these guidelines of Vastu Shastra about your home and follow the Vaastu regulations in your home to prosper in life. For all those who want to purchase a new plot and build a house some valuable details can advantage for prosperity. These primary principles are common for the apartments and flats that are east facing and for apartments that have the main door in the eastern way.

Kitchen of an east facing Duplex House:

The kitchen is the most essential area of a home. Food we make in the kitchen determines the healthy and balanced living of our body. And more efforts are required so that they prepare food feels much better with the environment in the kitchen while cooking. Vaastu ideas about the kitchen generally focus on the ambient and ventilation of the kitchen area. Also the kitchen located at the south-west part of the home decreases the earnings and males living in the home get addicted to all types of bad behavior. Hence providing a kitchen in the south-west and north-east sides are completely not suggested as per the guidelines of Vaastu Shastra.

Bathrooms & Toilet of an east facing Duplex House:

Vaastu for Toilets indicates, toilets should to be in the North West and south east part of the home or building or bed rooms. Prevent constructing a toilet in the core of the building, south-west and in the northeast of the building. When it has to be a connected toilet, let it be to the North West part of the specific room. The second option is the south east of the building or room.

Guest Bedroom of an east facing Duplex House:

Our visitors are important for us as they arrive and stay at our house for a relaxing stay. They should be happy while they are in our house and finish their goal effectively. As per Hinduism the visitors are in one way God's associates to check about our hospitality and kindness. The south east part of the home is also a different choice for a guest room in an eastern experiencing Home. But the south-west part of the home should never be allotted for the guest room.

Kids Room of an east facing Duplex House:

If any children appear to be excellent in intelligence and routines but poor in overall performance in the exams parents must take methods to examine their bed place, study table place and the place where the books are kept. If these Vaastu factors are not fixed, their hard work is wasted and effective future is lost.

Vaastu Shastra must be implemented to get the total good vibrations to make them healthful and mentally sharp. For east facing Houses the initial concern in the North West corner shall be provided for creating the Kids Room and study room.

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